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17 Oct

Results of Shell&Aerofuels inspection earlier performed by the North-West Directorate of Rostekhnadzor were overturned.

Federal service for environmental, technological and nuclear supervision (Rostekhnadzor) took up a decision to cancel results of Shell&Aerofuels CJSC (Aerofuels Group member) inspection in Pulkovo airport: conclusions upon the inspection results provided in the Act dated 24.04.2013 were overturned.

Unscheduled inspection was performed by the North-West Directorate of Rostekhnadzor in April this year after attorneys at law "YuKS" managing partner V.I. Chesnykh sent an application about Shell&Aerofuels CJSC alleged violation of the active law. Shell&Aerofuels CJSC documented their disagreement with the inspection results and sent a substantiated response to Rostekhnadzor. After Rostekhnadzor deputy manager has studied the company letters and the regional directorate inspection material, the federal service arrived at a decision to cancel the inspection Act.

Taking this fact into consideration, Aerofuels Group of companies keeps thinking that attorneys at law "YuKS" managing partner V.I. Chesnykh actions with sending application to different services with attempts to start various inspections regarding legality of the alternative refuelling company business activity at one of the biggest airports of Russia deal with keeping monopoly in the field of aviation fuel supply in Pulkovo airport but not with flights safety concern.


In 2012 Shell&Aerofuels CJSC opened a branch in St. Petersburg in order to render services for aviation fuel supply in Pulkovo airport. This initiative was represented within the framework of Federal agency of Air Transport principal stand in de-monopolization of aviation fuel supply markets in the big airports and in creation of competing environment there in order to improve services quality and to reduce prices for aviation fuel. Appearance of company with international experience (Shell&Aerofuels CJSC is a joint venture of Shell Aviation – a worldwide leading company in aviation fuel supply field and Aerofuels Group – a largest aviation fuel supply operator in Russia) was met favorably by the major operator of the international airport Pulkovo - Air Gate of the Northern Capital.

The refuelling company has Rosaviation certificates of conformity confirming absolute conformance to the requirements established by the regulatory documents dealing with aircrafts refuelling in Pulkovo airport. For a short period of time such companies as Air France, British Airways and other Russian international air carriers became the company customers in St. Petersburg.

Shell&Aerofuels CJSC is finishing construction of aviation fuels depot on the territory of Pulkovo airport. The depot will make it possible to perform aviation fuel supply with minor freight costs, which will allow reduction of aviation kerosene cost for airlines and to offer refuelling service at a better level of the international standards. Besides, 4 new airdrome refuellers more were ordered for the refuelling complex Shell&Aerofuels. Total amount of investments into a new infrastructure of Pulkovo airport will make over 600 mln. rubles. Alternative refuelling complex will be particularly topical after a new terminal in the airport is put into operation, which supposes passenger flow two times growth.


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