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27 Mar

Formal opening of refueling complex of Shell&Aerofuels took place on March 27 in Pulkovo airport. The company became the second operator in the market of Saint-Petersburg airport aviation fuel supply.

Shell&Aerofuels is a joint venture of Aerofuels Group and worldwide leading company in aviation fuel supply field - ShellAviation. Large-scale press conference dedicated to TZK opening in Pulkovo airport was conducted with participation of: Oleg Grinchenko, head of Administration of North-Western Interregional Territorial Department of Air Transport FAVT (Federal agency of Air Transport), Sergey Emdin, General Director of Air gate of the Northern Capital, Vladimir Spiridonov, General Director of Aerofuels Group and Paul Cluett, General Director of Shell&Aerofuels.

It was marked during presentation that total annual consumption volume of Pulkovo airport is about 400 thousand tons. Share of fuelling operations performed by Shell&Aerofuels CJSC will reach from 5 to 7% of total volume by the end of 2013 and according to expert evaluations this indicator will grow. Competition in aviation fuel supply market will promote reduction of prices for fuel and improvement of quality of services rendered to airlines.

Sergey Emdin, General Director of Air gate of the Northern Capital: Negotiations between the airport and Shell&Aerofuels CJSC started in spring 2012 and were completed successfully at the beginning of 2013. Thus, two companies are working today in Saint-Petersburg airport rendering services for aviation fuel supply: Sovex CJSC and Shell&Aerofuels CJSC. Appearance of the second fuel supplier in Pulkovo airport represents an important step in competitive market formation.

Vladimir Spiridonov, General Director of Aerofuels Group: Development of positive competition will enable to enhance safety of flights at the expense of increase in quality of rendered services and introduction not only of Russian but also of international refueling standards as well as it will influence reduction of airlines expenses for aviation fuel. Further on demonopolization can lead to decrease in flights cost, increase in passenger traffic and further growth of airport reputation.

Representative of Pulkovo airport also remarked that new aviation fuel supply operator has all required certificates of the Federal Air Transport Agency for operation in Saint-Petersburg airport, is subject to regular inspections and confirms high quality of rendered services and full compliance of aircrafts refueling to ShellAviation standards. The company disposes of own new refuellers park in Pulkovo airport meeting both Russian and international requirements. Fuel refueled into aircrafts tanks is subject to strict inspection in quality control laboratory of aviation fuel and lubricants.


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