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15 Oct

According information agencies A.Mishustin, Chairman of the Government, signed a resolution on resume of air flights to Serbia, Cuba and Japan at the nearest time and based on a principle of mutuality: Moscow-Belgrade two flights a week, as well as two flights to Cuba (Moscow-Cayo Coco and Moscow- Santa Clara) and three flights a week to Japan (Moscow-Tokyo two flights and one flight to Tokyo from Vladivostok). All three newly launched routes were expanding in the Russian market before pandemia.

Besides, it is decided to increase frequency of flights by the resumed routes: Switzerland by one flight a week to Zurich-Moscow-Zurich and Moscow-Geneva-Moscow; and to resume air communication with Saint-Petersburg one flight a week to Zurich and one flight a week to Geneva; Maldives to increase frequency of flights from Moscow to Velana International Airport by four flights a week; UAE to resume regular air communication between Moscow and Abu Dhabi two flights a week, based on a principle of mutuality; Belarus to increase the number of flights from Moscow to Minsk up to three flights a week based on a principle of mutuality.

Previously Russia opened four cities more for international flights: from October 09th it is possible to travel abroad from Samara, Vladivostok, Grozny and Krasnoyarsk. From August 01st, when air communication was resumed, flights were performed only from Moscow, Moscow region, Saint-Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don. From August 20th Kaliningrad, Kazan and Novosibirsk joined this list.

13 Oct

On October 02nd, 2020, Pobeda airline launched a new route from Kurgan to Moscow: flights from the airport of Vnukovo will be performed four times a week. Refueling is carried out by TZK Aerofuels Kurgan. The first regular flight from Kurgan to Moscow in the end of 2011 was performed by UTAIR airline, and in January 2020 direct flights to Surgut and Khanty-Mansyisk, which the airline resumed after quarantine restrictions cancellation, were added. At the present time suitable connections in the airports of Moscow air hub enable passengers to fly from Kurgan to several Russian cities, but work on air transportation development in the region is in progress.

In 2019 Alexander Neradko, Head of the Federal Air Transport Agency, visited Kurgan, evaluated the airport condition and held a meeting devoted to aviation complex of the region development, where issues concerning the growth of flights to Moscow and opening of new ones, including to the south and to the north, as well as to Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Simferopol, Novy Urengoy, were discussed.

The airport of Kurgan, a member of Aerofuels Group of Companies, has a complex of administrative buildings and structures, tank farm, refuelers, its own single-ended siding, unloading rack and loading depot. TZK Aerofuels Kurgan is equipped with certified and up-to-date equipment and guarantees to airlines a high quality level of jet kero refueling, reception, storage and further delivery to a refueler. At the present time Aerofuels Group of Companies is undertaking a large-scale upgrading of airport facilities which will be finished in December 2020.

29 Sep

In September 2020 a branch of Aerofuels Kamchatka LLC in the airport of Khomutovo (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk) succeeded in voluntary certification of the State Research Institute of Civil Aviation of the Ministry of Transport of Russia. During certification the refueling complex of Aerofuels network in the airport of Khomutovo proved full conformance to the requirements of the Russian legislation for aircrafts refueling with jet fuel, and, generally, for arrangement of air services aviation fuel supply in the airport. Based on the inspection results, on September 15th the company received a new Certificate for receipt, storage, preparation to delivery, delivery to refueling and refueling of aircrafts with jet fuel.

TZK Aerofuels Kamchatka Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk has been operating in the airport of Khomutovo (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk) since August 2014. It has an up-to-date aviation fuels depot, and its own aviation fuels quality control laboratory, as well as new refuelers and qualified personnel. The enterprise renders services meeting the highest Russian and international aviation requirements in refueling activities, and regularly and successfully passes IATA fuel quality control (IFQP).