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27 Jul

Since July 16th, 2016 TZK-Irkutsk, the Group of Companies Aerofuels subsidiary, has started refueling regular flights of Lufthansa Cargo airline, one of the world leaders of freight air service, in Yemelyanovo airport (Krasnoyarsk).

Currently there are three operators offering aviation fuels supply in the airport, but the airline management decided to cooperate just with Aerofuels in supplying the flights with fuel as in June this year Aerofuels has put into operation a new alternative TZK in Yemelyanovo airport. A number of factors were decisively important for selection of the refueler in the airport, in particular: TZK equipping with the modern facilities satisfying the highest international standards and requirements, availability of the refuelers own storage area, the certified refueling vehicles and high-qualified personnel, which altogether guarantees the customers a high-quality service in the aircraft into-plane fueling.

Lufthansa Cargo and Aerofuels successful long-term cooperation in refueling in Yemelyanovo airport, undoubtedly, will create favorable conditions for development of the freight air service of the federal and international importance, which will cause potential air carriers attraction to the airport and, finally, - for the whole region development.

22 Jul

Since early 2016 the jet kero cost for into-plane fueling in Koltsovo airport (Yekaterinburg) for the Russian airlines has been averagely reduced to 15%. That was the result of the alternative fuel operator, the Group of Companies Aerofuels subsidiary, starting to operate in the airport to guarantee the customers a high-quality service, compliant with the Russian and international requirements, by using its own fuel and modern certified refuelers. The company managed to achieve prices reduction in spite of the jet kero wholesale prices growth to 3-5% in the Volga and Urals regions.

Today it is quite clear that the airlines cost-saving in refueling in Koltsovo airport effected positively on flight tickets prices, which is an essential condition for the passenger flow growth in the airport. The airport, in its turn, has obtained an additional opportunity to attract new air carriers and to strengthen its position as a huge regional and federal transport hub.

20 Jul

Within implementation of the program of refueling complexes development in the Russian airports the Group of Companies (GC) Aerofuels will put into operation a new laboratory of fuel quality control in Izhevsk airport since September 01st, 2016. The refueling complex (TZK) of Aerofuels network has been operating in Izhevsk airport since December 2014. The into-plane fueling is offered by the Izhevsk branch of Aerofuels Perm having its own modern refueling facilities and highly qualified personnel. TZK has a full certificate of aviation fuel supply conformance issued by the Federal Air Transport Agency.

Presently Aerofuels possesses a network of 14 laboratories located in the airports all over the country (from Pskov to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky) where a full range of works on TS-1 and RT fuel and special fluids quality assurance is carried out. All laboratories satisfy the modern international industry standards, undergo all required inspections regularly and have the state certificates. Only for the last year and a half the Group of Companies Aerofuels investments in expansion of the network of the quality control laboratories equipped with the most modern equipment have made over 50 million rubles.

Aerofuels pays much attention to flights safety promotion. We consider it obligatory to assure aviation fuels high quality in all our TZK on the territory of the Russian Federation, and the key condition for this task implementation is, undoubtedly, the aviation fuel quality inspection, that is why launching of new laboratories and re-equipping of the current ones remains one of the main investment tendencies for us, - Vladimir Spiridonov, Aerofuels Group General Director, comments on completion of works on the new laboratory launching.