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08 Aug

On August 02nd, 2017, the refueling complex of Aerofuels operating in the airport of Domodedovo succeeded in passing a regular inspection held by IATA Fuel Quality Pool (IFQP). The main purpose was to evaluate maintaining of the fuel equipment operability status, procedures of aviation fuels supply and refueling, as well as to analyze refueling operations safety level on the territory of TZK and in the airport. In the course of inspection no incompliance or violations were found, and Aerofuels activity in the airport of Domodedovo was approved.

Refueling complex of a full-scale technological cycle in the airport of Domodedovo with Aerofuels being its operator possesses all required certificates for the aviation fuel acceptance, storage and delivery, and offers into-plane refueling service. Aerofuels serves as a good example of the alternative refueling complex successful operation in one of the largest international airports of Russia, and guarantees air carriers a high quality level fuel and a safe servicing to comply with the Russian and international standards.

14 Jul

This spring in the Kamchatka region there was a great festival of sled dogs sports a traditional annual Kamchatka sled dog race "Beringiya". The first race took place in 1990. That time eight dog-pulled sleds came to the track of 250 km long. Next year the track was 1980 km and it was registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest one in the world. Now the distance is not less than 1,1 thousand km. Each year both the race and preceding festive events get more popular not only in Russia but also abroad. This year for the first time in Beringiya history one could keep watch over dog-team drivers moving online.

Aerofuels Kamchatka company (Aerofuels Group of Companies) offered sponsorship to the festival providers in holding the whole complex of events, which was particularly noted by the Kamchatka region Governor.

The refueling complex of Aerofuels Kamchatka has been successfully operating in the airport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky for over ten years. This complex has become the first TZK on the post-Soviet territory, greenfield construction, meeting the Russian and international standards. IATA Fuel Quality Pool (IFQP) granted the highest status of fuel operations safety Green to the complex.

19 Jun

On May 27th and 28th, 2017, Reebok held annual race in the park of Kolomenskoye (Moscow) called Get human. Reebok invited anybody who wants to join in teams and go to the track of 7 km long with 13 barriers. Each year this event procedure changes and tasks get to be known to the participants only at a day of the competition. The race participants, who made 1055 teams this year, succeeded in passing strength, endurance and team spirit tests.

Aerofuels officers, enthusiasts of running and decades-long sporting traditions successors of their company, also formed a team of 6 persons, and for the first time took part in a large-scale Moscow fitness event.

We would like to congratulate our colleagues participants of the race Get human who came to the track and showed a good result!